Marine Site

Noakes Boat & Shipyards
LOCATION: Mcmahons Point
SITE CONTACT NUMBER: 612 9925 0306
ADDRESS: 6 John St
SUBURB: McMahons Point, NSW 2060

Marine Site Information

Noakes Boat & Shipyards operate a 80 tonne Travelift and hardstand facility which is complimented by a 160 tonne incline slip. We have three enclosed high bay sheds and each have an air extraction system, compressed air, power and toilet facilities within. All visitors and contractors must report to our first floor office in the administration building before proceeding to the yard. All visitors and contractors must wear an identification wrist band issued by Noakes during their stay in the yard. The yard is open from 7.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday and 7.30am to 4.00pm Saturday. All vehicles must be removed from the yard before these closing times otherwise a gate opening fee of $50.00 may be charged. Noise restrictions apply before 7.00am and after 6.00pm. Light work only on Sunday and public holidays (no power tools, loud radios or excessive hammering). Fines may be applied to the vessel(s) invoice for breaches. All customers and contractors must observe the EPA Environmental Action for Marinas, Boatshed and Slipways. A reference copy is available from Noakes office. It is a condition of entry that customers and contractors accept full financial responsibility for all and any fines issued to Noakes by the EPA for pollution incidents resulting from their actions. Contractors must register at the Noakes office and must supply a copy of their insurance Certificate of Currency for Public Liability, ship Repairer’s Liability and Certificates of currency for Worker’s Compensation where PTY LTD or sole traders and Partnerships certificates of currency for personal accidents and illness. This must be done before commencement of work. Vehicle parking is NOT permitted on the hardstand/ no responsibility will be accepted for vehicles on the hardstand or the adjacent car parks and vehicle owners do so at their own risk. Noakes Boat and Shipyards reserves the right to remove any vehicle from the premises. SALE AND/OR DISPOSAL OF PROPERTY. Vessel(s) or property abandoned in our care after a period of 28 days with or without moneys owing, Noakes will be entitled to sell the vessel(s) or property to recover all costs. The method of disposal will be at Noakes’ discretion, regardless of the nature or value of the vessel(s) or property.