Marine Site

Breakwater Marina
LOCATION: Townsville
ADDRESS: 26 Mariners Drive
SUBURB: Townsville

Marine Site Information

Drive-in access to Breakwater Marina is on Mariners Drive. Parking is available on-site but is limited and also restricted for short term use only. Long vehicles must coordinate movements and parking with Marina Management in advance of coming to site. There are 6 gated entry points across the Marina with a security access system in use at each. All contractors intending to do work both on shore and on water must present at the Marina Office at the most eastern end of Mariners Peninsula. There, Contractors are required to register themselves as being onsite, nominate where they're working, the nature of the planned work and the proposed duration of that work. Businesses providing services at Breakwater Marina are required to provide evidence of appropriate policies of insurance and are responsible for maintaining current policies with the Marina. These Businesses will be required to undergo a site induction which will brief workers on the operational, safety and emergency requirements of the property. The privacy and security of the property are critical so Marina staff will validate with the respective vessel owner the contractor and the proposed work. On the completion of the above checks, a temporary contractor gate access key will be signed for and issued to the worker. Access keys are available for use between 8am and 5pm and keys are required to be returned each day to the Marina Office, signed back in and the Contractor signed out for the day.