Marine Card Info and resources

The Marine Card Program is an initiative of the Boating Industry Association.

Boating industry staff, contractors, and workers can access the Marine Card induction - a brief but informative overview of risk, and risk management in marine industry workplaces. On completion of the induction, a personalised Marine Card is sent to the inductee, and Employers, Sole Traders, and Contractors can update their profile on our dedicated web-system: Individuals covered under updated profiles can sign-in to participating sites using the Marine Card Access Management System (AMS).

Click here for further information on the Marine Card Program.

In addition to building awareness of safety in our workplaces, the Marine Card program provides both workers and site controllers with an easy, industry-wide system that simplifies compliance for all concerned. See below for further info and resources:

  • Click Here for a Quick Start Guide for setting up your Marine Card Profile
  • Click Here for a detailed guide to setting up your Marine Card Profile, and using the Access Management System 
  • Click Here to complete the Online Marine Card WHS General Induction
  • Click Here to complete the Marine Card refresher (every 3-years)
  • Click Here for an overview of the Marine Card Access Management System

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